Social networking based on real life relations
What People Say
Essentially, Tubri is a super-private social network that gives you all the control that are missing in the popular socionets like Facebook and Orkut.
New social network correcting the mistakes of Facebook and Orkut
Arwan, Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper
Tubri is a new social networking resource that redefines the way you really connect with people
Finally a social network to share family and private photos
Rahul, Blogger
Incredibly simple!
Jay, Tubri User
I can use it for real socializing now without any second thought
Bill, Tubri User
Equivalent to Wall/Scrapbook, different for different Labels
Additional features that can be activated to add more functionality
A new way of watching videos
Browser extension to share images/webpages/links with others in two clicks
A new way of chatting
Publically accessible user profile
Receive only one email having all notifications of the day
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