Common Questions

What is the meaning of Tubri?
Tubri (pronounced: too + br + ee) is the name of a famous firecracker in Bengali language. In English, its called Fountain firecracker.
Why is this website so basic in look n feel?
We believe the user interface should not come in between the user and his tasks. Instead of focusing on funky graphics which may distract a user, we have focused on simplicity and usefulness.
How is it different from Facebook?

In Tubri, we focus on human relations. This is a fact that from all the people we have, not everyone is a friend. Tubri realizes this thing and lets you create separate groups of people like: Friends, Family, Coworkers and so on. Then you can post your updates/photos to people in one group and only they would be able to see your post. No one from other groups can see your activities in any other group unless they are a member of that group too.

In Facebook, by default, you add all your people in "Friends", even your family members! So what happens when you want to share a picture with your friends? Everyone in your network sees that. What if some friend replies something "private" to your status update? That gets visible to all your people including family members, co-workers etc. You get the idea.

We have provided a separate whiteboard (ie. wall/scrapbook) for every group. So if a family member writes something on your whiteboard, that post gets visible to your other family members only and so on.

But.. I can do this using Facebook Lists. Isn't it?

No. While posting an update in Facebook, there is no option of posting to some list of people you created. There are options like: Make this visible to Friends, Friends of Friends, Everyone. Though you can customize it further by manually typing the names of people but that involves several steps. Normal users just end up posting it to everyone (think of teens).

Seeing updates of people from certain lists is also not easy. Though they can improve it in just one night, but the difference remains in focus. At Facebook, their focus is on encouraging people to post anything and then making it visible to as many people as possible. But in Tubri, we have human relations as the foundation of this social network and we focus on encouraging people to socialize in reality and seriously.

Facebook or other social networks can provide the same things easily. What about that?

With Tubri, we have started from scratch. So we have the flexibility of doing it in any way. Our goal is to make this network enhance real social life of people. Even in future, people won't have privacy issues with Tubri.

Other networks can provide similar things but they don't have the flexibility of restarting from scratch! As establisehd products, they can't afford such huge redesigns, which means there will always be privacy issues in some form or the other.

The way we see it is, there is always competition between visions. Its not about features. We are bringing a new vision here which says a social network should be like real life social network. Starting with the groups concept as the foundation of Tubri, there will be many new ideas that will be implemented in Tubri. Some of them may be similar to others and some radically different.

Its not possible to explain our vision in words but if the vision is right, people would start seeing the difference.

Why not build a Facebook application instead of building a new social network?
Doing a Facebook application does not provide us freedom to make required big changes to make them like real-life. Like Alan Kay (a computer pioneer) once said: "People who are serious about software, should make their own hardware". We are serious about online socialization and that is why we are starting from fresh and creating a new social network.
Is Tubri limited to some country?
No, Tubri is a global network. People from any country can join it for free.
Tubri doesn't have "that" feature?
We have just started with Tubri recently. There are many features planned for near future. Stay tuned.
How can I invite my friends?

There are two ways to do that. One is to enter your primary email account password and Tubri will show you a list of your people by logging in to your email account. Don't worry.. your password won't be stored. Then you can invite anyone from that list.

Secondly, you can invite your people by manually typing their email addresses (If you hesitate in giving your email password). Tubri will invite those email addresses automatically.

I have a suggestion. Where to submit it?
If you are logged in, you can submit your suggestion to the founders of Tubri directly by clicking on 'Feedback for Founders' link on top right. If not logged in, then shoot an email to
Sounds cool... what now?
If you like it, signup. Invite your people and start enjoying an easier online social life without worrying about privacy issues.

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